The Team

Ben Wray started as CommonSpace editor in April 2018, previously having worked as a journalist at CommonSpace and head of policy at Common Weal. He is keen to hear from readers about their ideas for the site, our news content and to get involved in its development, so get in touch at On Twitter as @Ben_Wray1989

Sean Bell is our CommonSpace parliamentary reporter based in Edinburgh. He has written in the Sunday Herald, the National, the Scottish Review of Books, Jacobin, Conter and Telesur. Get in touch: Find him on Twitter: SeanCMBell


Rhiannon J Davies joined CommonSpace in 2018, having previously worked in the Turkish media and as a freelancer for various alternative media outlets. She moved to Scotland in 2016 to study for an MSc in media and international journalism with the Glasgow Media Group. At CommonSpace, Rhiannon focuses on creating video content and finding new ways to tell the stories that matter. Got a video idea? Let her know on of find her on Twitter: @RhiannonDavies


David Jamieson is a CommonSpace journalist based in Glasgow. In addition to writing news and analysis about Scottish and UK public affairs, he also publish videos and host our Beyond the Noise podcast every Friday. Contact David at Or find him on Twitter: @David_Jamieson7